Organization background

Chakowuoth Investments (CI) seeks to build the capacity of individuals and community groups to actively participate in improving their own living standards.  The organization has had some experience in working with communities in civic driven socio – economic development.

We are working with the communities in North Seme, Kisumu County and South Gem, Siaya County. We have worked with groups from this region from 2016. We now believe that we understand the strengths and challenges faced by these communities. During this period, we have gained a significant level of knowledge, build new capacity and developed governance structures to support our operations. New capacity areas input will focus on areas of group development and dynamics, resource mobilization, agribusiness and later cooperative movement through microfinance approach.  The organization will then develop a participatory strategic development plan for the area, but before then identify and develop process oriented social contracts that define the roles and responsibilities of each party involved in the development. CI is aware that thorough stakeholders’ analysis is a pre – requisite to meaningful and active take-off of such community development projects.

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Strategic objectives

Although CI has many strategic objectives, the most important areas in our agenda are developing, promoting and implementing innovative entrepreneurial and sustainable livelihood programs that can lead to transforming communities in rural areas.

We are aware that well-being of children and women is key to this development process. The choice of which business opportunities to pursue with such resource limited communities will largely depend on the outcomes of a participatory integrated community development process of empowerment that:

  1. Maps opportunity and experts/resource persons,
  2. Maps development resource base,
  3. Analyses availability and reliability of financial support,
  4. Develops capacity enhancing programs for entrepreneurship,
  5. Rolls out empowerment support schemes and develops models that continually finance and manages the selected groups. Hence the focus on sustainable solutions to social problems faced by the participating community groups.
  6. Improve community health by bringing health facility closer to the people at an affordable rate and aim to link with NHIF

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives for the project can be divided in three components:

  1. To create commercially viable and sustainable enterprises that have positive impact on the environment, agribusiness and community based financial service systems.
  2. To create awareness within the communities on economic development and income generation, and investment in social welfare and wellbeing of their families, including health.
  3. To eradicate famine in the community and have surplus food among willing participants
  4. To replicate the outcomes of objectives i), ii) and iii) above in socio economic set – ups similar to groups and use learnings to improve on sustainability and bankability of alternative enterprise with a local – external resource balance


It is important to note that all the enterprises suggested in objective (i) of this integrated project will be designed with their own specific objectives.